Mauell GmbH

Secure and clean energy, delivered at the time when it is needed, is in great demand today and a key factor associated with quality of life. Mauell components and systems are designed to help achieve this goal: with our innovative control room technology, state-of-the-art mosaic and display systems as well as our maintenance and retrofit service for existing power stations, we provide the means that enable you to transmit and control energy sustainably both today and in the future.

With attitudes changing towards fossil and nuclear energy on a global scale, the ongoing energy transition and resulting change of statutory and regulatory conditions, efficient control of existing conventional and nuclear power stations that guarantees a high level of operational security has become an important factor for utility owners. Mauell prepared for the new challenges by joining Bilfinger SE in 2012. In the years that followed the company redefined its operational areas, with the result that Mauell became an independent company again in 2016; our wish to continue cooperation with our long-standing business partners was one of the driving forces behind this decision.

Always focused on the needs of the energy market, Mauell develops tailored solutions that uniquely meet our clients' high standards for safety and functional design. We carry out a thorough analysis of the workflow to provide you with the most appropriate measures for enhancing your plant's processes. Our team of professionals will install the purpose-built solutions ensuring compliance with modern standards for ergonomics and intuitive operation and strict adherence to the quality management system.


Our members of staff

The company and its people

Our people are our greatest asset: it is their expertise, commitment and team spirit that enables us to deliver the services you need to maintain your competitive advantage in a changing market. Mauell continues to follow its decade-long tradition of encouraging its staff members to think creatively, learn new skills and knowledge and take initiative.