Mosaic systems

An informative and transparent method of function display and control is of great importance for the reliable monitoring of technical processes. Mauell mosaic systems provide the operator with a clear overview of all implemented functions and actual factors of his digital applications.

Thanks to their modular, expandable design they can be effectively matched to the specific requirements of the plant and the mounting location, offer a high level of modification flexibility, and can be easily expanded and modified to accommodate changing requirements. Our specifically developed universal mosaic systems are mounted in self-supporting grid systems which have a higher than average strength to weight ratio. They are installed in numerous control rooms all over the world, for example in the New York Central Station, the Tianwan nuclear power station in China, and the Florida Power and Light Generating Plant where the largest mosaic panel in the world has been constructed using as many as 450,000 Mauell components. Not least because of their variable application and arrangement possibilities they offer themselves as optimal solution for a variety of processes that require clear and well-structured representation.

From switches to digital display units, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of built-in devices for our mosaic panels. They are connected with our own high-density connector system producing a virtually seamless image.


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