Control rooms

Control rooms

Our control rooms have proven themselves in a variety of applications, including power generation and distribution, industrial, and traffic control centers. We are proud of our expertise and the success of our solutions in these critical areas.

Our critical control room planning combines proven conventional mosaic technology with state-of-the-art visualization systems. In this way, we are able to comprehensively cover the entire range of services from planning to turnkey expansion. In addition to control rooms for controlling production and distribution processes, we also offer simulator control rooms.

In our simulator control rooms you can closely observe the operational processes of the technical systems and simulate various incident scenarios in a safe environment. This is crucial for training and preparing staff for possible crisis situations.

In all of our projects, we attach great importance to compliance with the current guidelines and standards for critical infrastructures (KRITIS). The safety and efficiency of our solutions are always at the forefront to ensure the smooth functioning of these crucial facilities.

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The control room planning

The design of control rooms has acquired central importance in the modern world. When planning control rooms and control stations, functionality and ergonomics are the focus of our considerations.

Our approach aims to put user needs and operational requirements at the heart of our design. We know that effective control room planning should consider not only the technical aspects, but also the people who will use these systems.

In our planning concepts we combine proven mosaic techniques with the most modern visualization systems. This allows us to meet a wide range of requirements in this area. Our control rooms not only serve to control and monitor production and distribution processes, we also offer simulator control rooms that can be designed exactly like their real counterparts upon request.

Our holistic solution for control rooms and simulator rooms ensures safe and error-free operation of systems. We can draw on many years of experience and use proven and state-of-the-art techniques to optimally meet our customers’ requirements.

When planning your control room, our architects and engineers take all relevant legal regulations into account and analyze the spatial conditions. Working closely with you, we first create a 3D study of the future control room in order to give the control room staff a visual impression of their new workplace.

Our many years of experience in planning control rooms and control centers guarantees you competence and quality throughout the entire project. We look forward to helping our customers create efficient and user-friendly control centers.

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Our services

  • Needs analysis: We start with a thorough analysis to understand your specific needs and develop tailored solutions.
  • Interior Design: Our interior design team not only creates aesthetically pleasing spaces, but also functional room designs that meet your needs.
  • Operating table systems: We offer state-of-the-art operating table systems that are height-adjustable according to ergonomic requirements and enable efficient control and monitoring of processes.
  • Mosaic feedback boards: Clear and concise presentation of information using our mosaic feedback boards.
  • Large screen walls: Impressive visual projections are optimally displayed on our large screen walls.
  • Climate and acoustic ceilings: We ensure a pleasant room climate and excellent acoustics with our climate and acoustic ceilings.
  • Lighting design: our specialist planners bring application expertise and expert knowledge for every lighting situation and create the ideal concept for your project.
  • Air conditioning and ventilation technology: Optimum indoor air quality is achieved through our air conditioning and ventilation technology.
  • Raised floor: To create a cavity for laying installation and communication lines as well as for air conditioning in control rooms, technical areas and server rooms
  • Waiting room equipment: Special waiting room equipment to meet the high demands on ergonomics and durability.
  • Color and material design: Creating a harmonious atmosphere through our color and material design.
  • Planning phases: We accompany you through various planning phases, from basic determination to draft planning and implementation planning.
  • Awarding of contracts: Support in the preparation and participation in the awarding of contracts.
  • Construction management: Ensuring a smooth construction process through our on-site construction management.
  • Property support: Long-term security of the functionality and maintenance of your systems is ensured by our maintenance support.
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