Mosaic control panels and control room solutions

Mosaic control panels and control room solutions

Mauell mosaic systems are used to clearly display and map control processes in technical applications. The mosaic systems and mosaic installation devices we develop provide the user with the necessary overview of all the desired functions and actual factors of his system.

Our modularly expandable mosaic system enables economical work on site and a precise adjustment to the system use and installation location. Subsequent expansions or conversions are possible without much effort and offer extremely variable application and combination options. 

We are represented in countless control centers around the world, in nuclear power plants and associated simulator facilities, in conventional power plants, in local and long-distance public transport, in pumped storage power plants as well as in distribution plants or the chemical industry.  

A wide range of built-in devices, from switches to digital display devices, are available to equip the mosaic panels. To connect the devices, Mauell has developed its own connector system with a high connection density, which enables almost seamless mapping.

Individual solutions for customer-specific requirements

We can make cutouts of different sizes anywhere on the mosaic panel. This allows us to install components from a wide variety of applications and manufacturers. Large screen rear projectors, LED and BCD displays, digital and analogue measuring devices. We integrate membrane keyboards and input terminals. Mauell offers a wide range of standardized graphics, including legends, engravings and lines. We design specific layouts in photographic quality according to customer specifications.

Easy Expandability – The square and rectangular building blocks snap into a plastic or metal grid system and can be replaced or expanded with minimal downtime. Layouts can be supplemented or changed and additional grid sections can be integrated. A Mauell mosaic can therefore be quickly and cost-effectively adapted to your current conditions.

Low running costs after initial installation – maintenance and general maintenance are minimal. Dynamic components such as LEDs have a long lifespan and consume very little power compared to video display systems. Expensive, regular software adjustments are obsolete, as is cost-intensive protection against viruses and/or Trojans. A Mauell mosaic is ideal for use in critical infrastructure.

Integration into third-party grids – The Mauell company was not the only provider on the mosaic panel market. Various companies had mosaic control panels in their portfolio, but discontinued them many years ago. We have developed an adapter system with which almost all of the switches and indicators manufactured by Mauell can be integrated into third-party systems without having to replace the entire hardware. Reducing costs for you as a customer is our priority. Get advice. The replacement options are diverse. Get in touch.advice.

Solutions for individual requirements – you are looking for a standard solution, we will implement it. You need a special solution in size and shape. We also offer these, thanks to our own construction and metalworking shop.

Mauell has been producing mosaic systems since 1961 and draws on a large pool of experience. Our highly qualified engineers and technicians have the experience and knowledge resulting from more than 60 years of work in this field. We are sure that we can offer a solution for you too.

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Critical Action Panels - CAPs

Critical Action Panels (CAPs) are hardwired safety panels installed in oil and gas platform control rooms. They are used as a redundant backup for safe shutdown in cases where software systems could fail. High-quality switches, displays and digital measuring devices from well-known manufacturers are used to achieve SIL certification (Safety Integrity Level) if necessary. All cables are halogen-free and flame-retardant.

On request, we offer turnkey solutions including all internal control cabinet cabling. If you prefer to do the wiring yourself, no problem, then each of our cables is marked with a unique ID. This ensures error-free cabling. No project is the same, you need a cabinet that does not meet any standard, the Mauell company specializes in the production of customer-specific steel housings.

Our company is able to supply switches and indicators that can be installed into most outdated CAP and F&G panels from other manufacturers to extend their lifespan.


Nuclear power plant control rooms

For decades we have had the experience and knowledge to design and manufacture customized control rooms for nuclear power plants.

Every new nuclear power plant project must meet certain seismic criteria, which depend on the geographical location. Mauell has a database of already manufactured control room components that can be used for seismic analysis. If sufficient data is not available, an actual seismic test will be conducted using full-size electrical panels or control panels for evaluation and verification.

In April 1986, a catastrophic meltdown occurred at Chernobyl’s No. 4 nuclear reactor in Ukraine. It is considered the worst nuclear disaster in history!

Mauell GmbH has recently provided several mosaic display boards to monitor the current condition of the facility.

Mauell GmbH is committed to delivering the technology and service whenever it is needed!

Qualification of mosaic panels with seismic tests

Vibration test of a control panel (1 horizontal axis)

Test Mosaikpult

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Mosaic systems

In general, all of our grid systems are self-supporting, have very high rigidity and low weight, and can also be manufactured in curved structures upon customer request. This combination enables a compact component density. For you as a customer, this means having all relevant information available with minimal space requirements. What our grid systems have in common is that the grid segments can be covered with either 3 mm thick building blocks or 6.5 mm thick shaped blocks

MTS 24
The grid system consists of cross-shaped and T-shaped elements as well as threaded spacer bolts that are screwed together. This mosaic system is particularly flexible; different structures can be made from the individual elements. Existing systems can be easily modified.

Mosaic System K
The grid system consists of polycarbonate support modules that are connected to each other via dovetail connections on the outer walls. 

Mosaic System M
This system consists of cross-shaped and T-shaped elements made of metal, as well as threaded spacer bolts that are screwed together. The grid system consists of support modules that are connected to each other via dovetail connections on the outer walls. 

The possible uses and combinations are diverse.
We would be happy to advise you.

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