Company history


Founded in 1957 as the "Relais- und Feinwerkbau Helmut Mauell GmbH" in the town of Essen-Werden, the company was granted a patent for - the still very successful - MR10 annunciator relay in the same year. The patent for the MR11 relay was granted in 1959. The company concentrates on the development of auxiliary relays, time-delay relays and flasher units.



In 1960 the company needs to expand and moves to the town of Velbert-Neviges. The company's mosaic systems and new core product is patented in 1961, the development of specific elements for mosaic mimic diagrams is under way. The number of employees doubles with the take-over of Schorn company in 1965. DIGIMATIC, the first electronic control and signaling system is introduced on the market in 1966. In Switzerland, Mauell AG is established as the company's first subsidiary.



In 1970, Helmut Mauell do Brasil Ltda. is established. The Brazilian subsidiary is responsible for the marketing and manufacturing of Mauell products on the South American market. In New Jersey, U.S.A, the Mauell Corporation is founded in 1971, starting production in 1972. Also in 1972, the company changes its name to Helmut Mauell GmbH to accommodate for the growing size of the Mauell group. The completion of the ME 8000 microprocessor system in 1979 marks the company's first step in the development of power distribution control technology.



1982 sees the 25th anniversary of the company. The subsidiary Helmut Mauell BV is founded in the Netherlands. In 1990, Mauell develops its operator control and monitoring system ME – VIEW.



In 1997, Mauell GmbH celebrates its 40th anniversary.



In 2001, Mauell's large-screen rear projection system is for the first time implemented in a process visualization project. The newly developed automation system ME 4012 PA for power distribution control is introduced on the Hanover Fair 2006.



In 2012, Helmut Mauell GmbH becomes part of Bilfinger Power Systems GmbH. In the course of a management buy-out, Mauell GmbH becomes independent again in 2016. The business segment Power distribution control systems is sold to Phoenix Contact GmbH in 2017, and all company operations are reorganized to build the business on a strong and sustainable foundation.

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